Men’s Mental Health

The Men’s Mental Health group will meet every Monday 7.30 to 8.30pm.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes; and men are notorious for not seeking help, just battling on. However, one thing the Covid has taught us is that mental health can be very fragile in these strange, unusual days.

Don’t be afraid chaps, there is no judgement only help to find a solution, or point you in the right direction.

Luke is the enthusiastic group leader and the first session at the Drop in Centre went down very well.

Five people attended a very enjoyable evening, which may not sound a lot but it is the most they have ever had and one person was completely new. As a small group it allows more time to chat and support each other, however, there is room for you!!

They started a Coffee Morning on Saturday, 18th Sept and, at first, the coffee morning will run fortnightly; so the next one is Saturday 2nd October. The coffee mornings will move to weekly, if it proves to be a success, as the first one did.

Help is at hand